Samsung Smart School – Computex 2012; Forget blackboards and boring lectures

Who said going to school is boring? School is cool, right folks? Well, that’s if you’re going to school powered with Samsung’s latest Smart School system. The Samsung Smart School was displayed during Computex 2012 at their booth.

It wasn’t the first time showcased their Smart School product during an exhibition. This is in fact the second time Samsung showed off their impressive educational training system according to TJ, one of Samsung’s marketing representatives on the floor.

I saw a couple of companies last year during Computex 2011 demonstrating a similar digital classroom experience, however, Samsung’s Smart School impressed me more with its straightforward user interface and innovative usability with its vast tools designed for the classroom experience.

Forget the instructor writing on a whiteboard and placing visual aids during a lesson. It has now been replaced with Samsung’s gigantic LED touch panel, called the E-Board, which is connected to the instructor’s computer acting as a server at the same time too. Furthermore, visuals such as pictures, videos and files can be attached and displayed on the 65 inch E-Board effortlessly.

On another note, the instructor’s computer will act as the server administrator allowing him or her to see what each student is doing in class, control application access and even limit internet usage.

The instructor can also handle quizzes and tests after a class session by automatically displaying it on each student’s screen. Once the quiz is done, the answers can be displayed on the instructor’s computer and statistics can be generated to see how everyone faired.

Samsung Smart School

And lastly, the instructor can stream videos from his computer to each student’s computer screen instead of showing it on the 65 inch E-Board which might not be seen in a large classroom.

Having seen the Samsung Smart School in action, I must say I am awed by the experience. With this type of technology schools will be able to get through to students easier with the endless technology tools at their disposal. Yes, the system might be expensive to implement especially in a third world country, however, times are moving quite fast and schools here, let’s take into account private schools, still use whiteboards with manila paper as visual aids.

The Samsung Smart School will create a deep crater in the pocket just to implement and setup. Nevertheless, there are other cheaper alternatives that schools can utilize too. The question is when will such systems being implemented here locally in the Philippines and in other countries?

What do you think? Do you think it’s time for the caveman educational system in the Philippines to up its game and get an E-Learning system? Have you seen a similar system being used already here in the Philippines? Send us in your thoughts and views below.

Samsung Series 7 All In One (AIO) – Computex 2012

All in One computers, commonly known as AIO, have been around in the market for the past couple of years already so having Samsung announce yet another AIO into the market doesn’t bring much excitement into the minds of tech geeks. Then again, this AIO is special as it runs on the holy grail of Windows operating systems, Windows 8.

Nevertheless, this AIO is different, it’s unique, it’s special. The Samsung Series 7 AIO will feature a ten point multi touch display. Moreover, it will recognize voice and hand gestures with its built in front facing camera similar to their current Samsung Smart TVs and. Minority Report, anyone?

Furthermore, the Samsung Series 7 AIO will likely be running on the 3rd generation Intel Core Processors (Ivy Bridge). You can enjoy flicking around the metro user interface with its humongous 27 inch screen. Ciao iMac fanboys.

I have seen several AIO brands being sold here locally in the Philippines and a select few when I was in Taiwan. I doubt sales are doing so well for the AIO computers as I virtually don’t see any folks purchasing them. People don’t find current AIOs running on Windows 7 practical unless you’re an avid Angry Birds gamer (whatever happened to Angry Birds, anyone?) or you just want to show off how awesomely cool you are running your fingers on the screen.

Samsung Series 7 AIO

On the other hand, things might change with Windows 8 later this year. I believe computer manufacturers will come out with more AIO computers as Windows 8 incorporates a heavy touch user interface, the metro user interface.

The Samsung Series 7 All In One (AIO) computer will be released during the launch of Windows 8, which will be later this year. Still no price points nor any details on the specifcations.

So where will this lead? Will this lead in a higher production of branded AIOs compared to standalone towers? What do you think? Send in your comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch First Impressions – Computex 2012

During my tour around Samsung’s booth I came across the Samsung 5 Ultra Touch which is a Windows 8 ultrabook fused tablet combo device (I call it a “ultratab”). It’s one of the few new devices that Samsung introduced during Computex 2012.

The Samsung 5 Ultra Touch is similar to ASUS’ Windows 8 tablet line-up, specifically the ASUS Tablet 810 and the Tablet 600. Nevertheless, Ben, the marketing representative from Samsung, hinted through his demonstration above that the Samsung 5 Ultra Touch will be running on Windows 8 RT on a ARM based chipset.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch

Even though Ben didn’t spill out any of the specifications of the Samsung 5 Ultra Touch, he mentioned that a typical notebook won’t be able to “play along with apps” unlike the Samsung 5 Ultra Touch. Thus, this strengthens the notion that the Samsung 5 Ultra Touch will likely have an ARM chipset, perhaps an Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core processor?

On another note, the Samsung 5 Ultra Touch is a mobile device which likely would be successful if it was paired up with a typical 3rd generation Intel Core Processor (Ivy Bridge) as opposed to an ARM processor as users would prefer the greater raw processing power from the former. Then again, who said anything about the Samsung 5 Ultra Touch being packed with an ARM processor?Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch

We, ordinary folks, will just have to wait patiently. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Samsung unleashes the device onto the market impressing us with their mouth watering specifications and design. Let’s not get our hopes so high.

Nevertheless, I hope other companies will follow Samsung’s approach specifically when it comes to the design aspect. I would like to see more notebooks or ultrabooks incorporating a multi-touch screen especially when Windows 8 is right around the corner. I can’t imagine using the mouse or the keyboard to navigate the metro user interface.Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch

Having a touch screen on a notebook or ultrabook should become a norm in the mobile arena. I guess we should start saving up for packets of cleaning cloth for those finger print smudges.

Would you like to see ultrabooks and notebooks in the near future to include a touch screen? Or are you happy with how they are now? Send us in your comments below!

Computex 2012 Booth Babes

Let’s take a break from the usual technology news related articles and reviews here at TechDron. We got a special feature post just for you guys who missed out this great sizzling feature of Computex 2012. Apart from viewing the latest technology related devices, gadgets, components and concepts, tech geeks get the pleasure (mentally that is) of being bombarded by dozens and dozens of booth babes on the hall floors.

Every year, Computex is well known for the beautiful, gorgeous and sexy booth babes who parade the floors with promotional material, bags and vouchers. A number of companies, mostly those located at Nangang Exhibition Hall (Hot Tip for those going to Computex 2013), have showtimes where the booth babes dance around in their stunning outfits in front of salivating visitors.

Computex 2012 Booth Babes

Furthermore, prizes are given away to the audience where they have to scream their heads off shouting the company’s name just to get a shirt or a keychain (think of a political rally). Some folks would just do anything for a freebie.

Enough said. Enjoy the video roundup above of the Computex 2012 Booth Babes and the few of the best pictures of the lovely ladies below. Be good now and try to keep your pants on.

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC – Computex 2012

Everyone at Computex 2012 seems to be going gaga about Windows 8 as several companies including big-shot, Samsung, have come with their own lineup of Windows 8 tablets and slates. Samsung unveiled a few new Windows 8 based devices, however, it was the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC which took center stage at Computex 2012.

The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC will pack the third generation Intel Core processors (Ivy Bridge) i3 and i5, a solid state drive (SSD) 64GB/128GB, a stylus pen and a Bluetooth keyboard. Moreover, the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC will have a thickness of 12mm and a weight of only 800g, making it the lightest and slimmest Windows Slate PC on the market.

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC will be in direct competition with ASUS’ Transformer Book which was also announced during this year’s Computex, both devices will feature the same Intel Core processor (Ivy Bridge, i3 and i5).

The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC will be available later this year (September/October 2012) and will be running on Windows 8.

Who do you think will win the battle in the Windows 8 tablet arena? Send in your comments below! We’re dying to hear from guys!