Samsung Galaxy S2 Priced!

Recently the Samsung Galaxy S2 was announced (and reported here) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, however, nothing was known about the price of the Smartphone. Now we do!

I visited Expansys Hong Kong, an online gadget retailer, and found out that they are accepting pre-orders to the Samsung Galaxy S2 at whooping price of HK$ 8,150 which is roughly about P46,000 and $1,050 (USD). That’s roughly the price of the Apple iPhone 4, the 32GB version.

Expect to see grey units of the device later next month in local stores. However, the price would be a few thousand pesos more, perhaps between P47,000 – P48,000.

Personally, I find the price to be alarming especially if their competitor’s product, the LG Optimus 2X, is priced at only at P32,000. I’ll give it a few months until the price gets lowered, though, we’ll probably see a dozen or so new phones with better specifications. Perhaps a quad core Smartphone?

What do you think? Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 worth the price for a Dual core 1GHZ with a SUPER AMOLED Plus screen and 1GB of RAM? Send us your comments!

  • GrewSober

    If that will really be the price of Samsung galaxy S II, I must say that it’s way beyond being expensive. it’s just like you would need to sell a kidney just to have one. I’m hoping though that htey’ll just offer it here in the Philippines at around 32K Php to 35K but 35K php is also a very expensive price for a mobile phone.

    • Jose Farrugia

      I am hoping the price will be between P30K to P35K. However, I am sure it will hover around the 30K when it gets released.

  • tech

    yes. 40k+ is overkill. no way am i buying that one
    even 35k is expensive

    30k is a good price. i hope it will have that price tag since that is what i am planning to buy

  • Art

    Sorry to bust your report, but the prices in pinas are over priced…. way over. I live in Hong Kong and saw this phone in minor electronic shops selling from around hk$5,800-6,400 depending if the sales person is not a total arse. Don’t believe me? You can come here at Tsim Sha Tsui area and go find it yourslves. Don’t go to Broadway or Fortress as these major stores dont sell it yet, as to this date.

    • oran

      Hello Art
      I plan to visit HKG next week, monday afternoon.
      I am staying at MONG KOK and i am familiar with the phone centre at mong kok, by
      Argyle street.
      do you have any idea what is the current price of this galaxy s2 over there?
      can you recomend any reliable seller in the area? I can also visit Tsim Sha Tsui .
      I need it sim free, non brand.

  • mark lopez

    Checked it out at network locked (globe maybe) is around 36K and unlocked 46K. Price is too steep, at that price i’d rather go for the i-phone 4.

    • Jose Farrugia

      Wow that is expensive. I saw a few on Sulit for 31K and I heard that some could even be purchased on Ebay for 30.5K.

  • yudha

    unfortunately the price won’t be expensive as HK$ 8000s, maybe it’s about 5000 – 6000, which is still around Galaxy 1 price when the first time it released.

    • Jose Farrugia

      Samsung Galaxy S2 will be released during the first week of July 2011 and will be priced at P29,990.

  • jobie

    im waiting for this phone to come out in the Philippines, and i hope its not that expensive like the iphone 4…