NU Waterproof Earphones

NU, the Taiwanese company, I met during Computex 2011 sent their Waterproof Earphones along with their Dolphin Lite Mp3 Headset. Moreover, the waterproof earphones are again IPx-7, meaning that it can be drenched under high volumes of water. I still have to confirm with NU whether the earphones can be immersed in water. Nonetheless, check out the unboxing of the waterproof earphones below:

Keep you eyes peeled on the full review alongside the Dolphin Lite Mp3 Headset later in the week.

NU Dolphin Lite – Underwater Mp3 Player Headset

I got around unboxing the NU’s Dolphin Lite which is an underwater Mp3 Player headset which can be placed around your head and can be operated to a depth of 3 meters. Moreover, the Dolphin Lite complies with IPx-7 which is a standard which can be immersed underwater for long periods of time. Here’s the long awaited video of the underwater headset which can also be used for extreme adventure sports such as biking or even wall climbing.

Stay tuned for the full review and the extensive test of the Dolphin Lite later this week!

Dolphin Lite: Underwater Headset and Earphone

During Computex 2011 I met NU, a Taiwanese company, where they showcased their latest underwater gadgets and accessories including the Dolphin Lite, an underwater headset, and the Dolphin underwater Mp3 player. I was amused at how technology has innovated that we now can listen to our favorite tunes while swimming.

Dolphin Lite - Underwater Headset

Dolphin Lite - Underwater Headset

Nevertheless, the kind folks over at NU sent the Dolphin Lite and a waterproof earphone for me to review and test out. I will be doing an extensive water test on both the headset and the earphones in the coming week.

NU - Underwater Earphones

NU - Underwater Earphones

Morever, expect to see an unboxing and a review video in the next couple of days. In the mean time droll over the pictures attached in this post!